Yearly Archive:: 2012

Motorola HC1 is a miniaturized computer for use in industrial applications that can be worn on the head.

Motorola Solutions, the U.S. manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, has developed the HC1 computer. It comprises an integrated screen, camera, voice recognition and headphones. In addition, compass, acceleration sensors and rotation sensors are available that detect where the user looks, and allow control with gestures. The total weight of the entire system does not exceed 800 grams, and is intended to be worn on the head. The manufacturer assures that the machine is to be worked with comfortably, even with a prolonged daily use.

iProzer means: intelligent process analyzer. It is a software-tool developed for the automotive industry that creates evaluations of quality and measurement data collected during the production process.

The article “Manufacturing Process as Picture Book” that was published recently in ATZ produktion (in German) shows all details about this tool by the example of the motor production at the BMW plant in Munich.

ATZ produktion is a professional journal for the automotive industry. Its main topics are innovations, processes and management issues for production managers.

More information about iProzer is available here.

iGrow is an iOS/Android application that was created by XINFO for Summerrain GmbH (Switzerland).

The application supports individual growth as well as personal performance improvement and aligns it with the achievement of strategic enterprise objectives. This is accomplished by simple exercises that require little time and are performed daily by the staff.

iGROW can be used in companies, associations or societies of any kind that want to realize the full potential of their employees.

iphone_screenpngVoting Upp is a voting system that allows quick creation of surveys and direct feedback. It uses existing hardware, is platform-independent and does not need an installation.

Voting System for Teaching Activities

Voting Upp is a system for creating and conducting surveys at universities and colleges. It provides an immediate and direct feedback and it is easy to use. The necessary hardware devices are already available everywhere.

The creation of the questions is web-based with Internet-enabled devices such as PC, laptop, Mac, tablets. No installation is required.

Participants in the survey also use common Internet-enabled devices such as smartphone, laptop or tablet. For iOS and Android, apps can be loaded from the respective app stores; all other systems are browser-based web apps.

Our newest app is available now: earaction.

Earaction is an application for smartphones that is used for noise awareness among young people. Especially this target group is often not aware of causes and effects of too much noise – that is why hearing impairments are quite common at a young age already.

The app provides information about the sensory organ of hearing. It will alert you to potential hearing damage and important preventive measures. A simple hearing test evaluates your hearing performance and strengthens your awareness of this highly sensitive organ. Particular emphasis is placed on a simple representation of complex acoustic physics. With interactive listening experiences, knowledge and more understanding of noise and decibels are taught. You can compare, for example, the hearing capabilities of a healthy and of a damaged ear.

The application was created by us in collaboration with the University of Munich and the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health. It is available on Google Play:


We would like to once again invite you to visit us at the SENSOR+TEST Fair that is held in Nuremberg, Germany, 22.5.-24.5.2012.

Together with the University of Applied Sciences Munich and the Krah & Grote company we will introduce a possibility to equip simple smartphones with advanced measuring technology. The exact details are available at our exhibition booth. We hope to see you there.

SENSOR+TEST is the leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing technologies worldwide.

We have published an article in the new issue of mobileDeveloper (5/2012, pp. 60-64): ‘In Kontakt treten’ (Making Contact). The topic of the article is how to retrieve addresses from a mobile device in a new way (using the ContactsContract).

MobileDeveloper is one of the leading German magazines for developers who write programs for smart phones and tablet computers.

Sales Butler is a universal application for the iPad that may revolutionize the way your sales people work. It comprises a product catalog that allows to present your products, and takes care of the ordering process. Using the internal database, you are always kept informed about the details about purchase orders, customers and payments.

The application supports the mobility of the iPad. You can enter the data everywhere, for example at the customer’s site or at a trade fair. The connection to the ERP system then provides for the synchronization of the information.

Safety is always ensured, since your data cannot be accessed without a valid login. The integrated rights management makes it possible to assign a selection of products, categories of products or payment terms to specific customer groups. This, for example, allows to construct precisely targeted discounts.

Sales Butler is now available on the App Store and can be tested free of charge: Sales Butler