Monthly Archive:: February 2012

iPairs HD, our first game for the iPad, has recently passed the beta-test. It has been released now and is available in the App Store.

iPairs HD is a modern interpretation of the well-known pairs card game. We have added some new elements to the classic version, which enables a significantly enhanced playing experience. Also, we have created a complete new and modern design.

Since it is our first game, we really hope you like it. But whatever your experience may be, we are very exited to hear your opinion. You can give us feedback in the App Store, using Facebook or the commentary function of this blog.

For more information about iPairs HD, see this blog-article.

sense4c-TRF01 is an adapter for smartphones and tablets that is equipped with a high-precision, digital temperature and humidity sensor. It enables fast and mobile detection of climate conditions in buildings, garment components or intermediate layers.

The sensor is plugged into the headphone jack and requires no external power supply. The collected data are presented graphically on the display and recorded in the background. The smartphone provides additional information such as position data (GPS) and ensures that the data are synchronized in the cloud. The data transmission is encrypted so that sensitive information is secured. Authorized users can access the data from any location and may even intervene actively using the return channel.

On February 9th we present our sense4c smartphone adapter at the Textil Innovativ exhibition.

sense4c allows to connect advanced measurement technology to any smartphone. The data collected by the sensor can be processed by an application, shown on the display and synchronized with the cloud.

For example: a temperature/moisture sensor monitors the climatic conditions in the layers of a garment. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the behavior of a new synthetic fiber in real-time. This test may be performed under realistic conditions in the field, with the test person – using his smartphone – being informed directly about the results. Furthermore, the collected data are available immediately in the factory where the new fiber was developed.

Textil Innovativ is an international symposium and exhibition for automotive, sports and fashion. It is organized by the “Bayern Innovativ” program.

Bayern Innovativ

We are proud to announce that iPairs HD, our first game for the iPad, is almost finished and will be released in just a few weeks. A closed beta-test has started and will give us the last feedback before the game is available in the App Store.

iPairs HD has been developed in collaboration with Concipt! and is a modern interpretation of the well-known pairs card game. In addition to the classic version, we have introduced some new elements, which create a significantly enhanced experience playing this game:

  • jokers create surprising tactical twists
  • play with your family and friends in the amazing multiplayer mode
  • exclusive card themes spread over up to three layers challenge even experienced players
  • a clever artificial intelligence is fun for beginners and pros

With all these features, we are sure that iPairs HD will challenge you!

We would like to give the first five people who send us an email with the topic “iPairsHD beta-test” the exclusive chance to take part in the beta-test. So be quick and write to info(at)!

We will keep you informed if there is something new. You can also sign up for the iPairs HD – newsletter here.