Monthly Archive:: March 2012

Sales Butler is a universal application for the iPad that may revolutionize the way your sales people work. It comprises a product catalog that allows to present your products, and takes care of the ordering process. Using the internal database, you are always kept informed about the details about purchase orders, customers and payments.

The application supports the mobility of the iPad. You can enter the data everywhere, for example at the customer’s site or at a trade fair. The connection to the ERP system then provides for the synchronization of the information.

Safety is always ensured, since your data cannot be accessed without a valid login. The integrated rights management makes it possible to assign a selection of products, categories of products or payment terms to specific customer groups. This, for example, allows to construct precisely targeted discounts.

Sales Butler is now available on the App Store and can be tested free of charge: Sales Butler

Augmented Reality may have great potential – however, the introduction of this new technique has been rather slow so far.

Now Auto-Bild has developed in collaboration with Metaio a new app for iOS/Android, that adds interactive content to its articles. The app responds to code symbols contained in the articles, and launches the associated content.

If you are a reader of Auto-Bild, don’t miss this (free) app.

Auto-Bild is one of the major German car magazines. More information is available at the Auto-Bild website.

For details about augmented reality, see this article.