iGrow is an iOS/Android application that was created by XINFO for Summerrain GmbH (Switzerland).

The application supports individual growth as well as personal performance improvement and aligns it with the achievement of strategic enterprise objectives. This is accomplished by simple exercises that require little time and are performed daily by the staff.

iGROW can be used in companies, associations or societies of any kind that want to realize the full potential of their employees.

Outer and Inner World

As a forest consists of trees, a company consists of its employees, and as the quality of the trees determines the profit generated by the forest, the quality of the staff affects the company’s success. The quality of the staff in turn can be judged at the outside by the behavior of the people, because every single action contributes to the success or failure of the whole.

Therefore, all modern companies ask the question how the employees’ behavior can be aligned with the company goals. This question, however, misses the point. Unlike trees, people have an inner world that is much larger than the externally visible behavior. This is described in companies with terms such as motivation, focus on goals, initiative, social skills, etc. From the perspective of the individual, it’s about things like contentment, individual growth and personal performance improvement.

Development of iGROW

Contentment and growth processes may be beneficial for the individual, but if these are not focused on the whole, the company doesn’t gain much profit out of it. With this realization began the development of iGROW.

iGROW provides the link between the goals of the individual and the company. This is not done through traditional means such as workshops or target agreements that are focused mainly on the control of behavior, but by supporting and even initiating personal growth processes. It is made sure that these processes have a value for the individual, regardless of the whole, but at the same time, however, that they correspond to the objectives of the company. This creates a win-win situation: if the employee benefits, the company is successful, and if the company is successful, the employee benefits.

Step by step

The actual implementation is carried out by translating the business objectives into many small steps. For this, iGROW contains a wide variety of simple exercises which are done daily and do not require much time. It’s like going to the gym: Step by step, every day, as much as can be done do without too much effort – thus, results are achieved with certainty, even if the people are not very motivated.

Each new behavior is rewarded by a point system and converted to cash. This money is used to promote social initiatives. This means that the company meets requirements of social responsibility; simultaneously there is an additional incentive for participants to grow further.


iGROW is a new system that connects individual needs and corporate goals. Thus, strategical initiatives of the whole are transformed into personal growth of the individual, and, vice versa, personal growth helps to achieve the company objectives.