We took an intense look at the new Windows 8 for smartphones and are impressed. It is smooth, fast, reliable and has some unique features, e.g. the animated tiles. That is why we now offer applications for this operating system. Contact us if you are interested.

Besides, Windows 8 runs also on normal PCs without any problem. I have installed it onto my own private gaming computer at home on a new SSD, and it starts very fast. One drawback here may be the new tile surface that works well on smartphones, but is rejected by most PC users. But it takes only one click to reach the desktop, meaning that you can completely forget the tile surface if you don’t want to use it. So, you lose nothing, but you win the new features and the new driver versions. Okay, you don’t necessarily need an upgrade if you use Windows 7, and probably you will miss the start menu (which can be cured easily). But apart from this, there are really not many arguments against the new system.