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Apple Testflight

Testflight from Apple is a program with which beta testing for iOS applications can be performed. It consists of a service, which provides the functions, and an app on the test device that interacts with the user. Testflight is especially interesting from the perspective of developers, because they get faster feedback. Also for companies, the use of Testflight is an advantage, because what helps in development increases productivity.

Testflight has been used by app developers as an beta test platform since several years. Apple bought the service this year in connection with the acquisition of Burstly, the company that originally developed the platform. Apple has redesigned the program and made it available as an integrated iOS 8 service for both developers and testers.

If you contact us as a customer, the first thing we do is a consultation. If this results in an order, the programming starts. After this, the last phase of the project begins: the distribution of the new application. This is perhaps the most important point, because this determines whether the application is used by your employees or sells well in a store. If this does not happen, all effort was for nothing, and you have a failed IT project.

To prevent this, we can help you with various marketing measures. Using the example of an application for mobile devices (app), the following text shows what you can do to enable a successful launch.

Certainly you’ve read some of the many news and articles about the new version 8 of Apple’s iOS, which circulated in the past few months in the media. All the new functions and applications where described extensively in these texts. In business, this is important, but equally important are things that home users mostly do not care for. These mainly include data security, a coordinated management of the mobile equipment and the software as well as an accurate measurability of productivity improvement.

Both Google and Apple are entering the smartwatch market: Google with the operating system “Google Wear”, Apple with a custom iOS version and the corresponding hardware. This will be the first serious attempts to establish this new market. Initially, the key application are fitness, social networks and the controlling of apps. But why shouldn’t smartwatches be used also in the industrial sector – similar to phones and tablets?

From a normal user’s point, this time it’s not a revolution: in contrast to iOS 7, the new version 8 is – according to Apple – rather an evolution. For programmers, however, a lot has changed. Several new features have been added, whose impact will be visible only in the future in the form of newly developed APPs. iOS 8 is expected to be available in Autumn 2014.

SCR20146-Logos-Final-CSM_CS5_1160x403_01In the last years, XINFO has become bigger and bigger – as consequence, more employees were hired. With this, new problems showed up that we did not know before. We had more possibilities now, but the project coordination became difficult. Therefore, we introduced the SCRUM process for our software development. This process means to move away from the traditional way of planning that relies much on control and command. We want to show you what SCRUM means and whether we had success with it.

In each introduction of large-scale technology, there are error situations that only become visible during operation. In such situations, the planning system often does not know what to do, and the simple strategy of muddling through helps only temporarily. Industry 4.0 contains principles that are suitable to deal with such errors.

The use of large-scale technology is always an experiment, even if no one admits it. Because the complexity of such techniques is so high that all possible failures can never be anticipated. Thus, the society becomes a laboratory: for example, Big Data, the Internet of Things or even large automobile factories and power plants are introduced without knowing all consequences. So, why not design the implementation of a new technology in such a way that the findings during its operation satisfy the criteria of an scientific experiment and therefore can be used to improve the machines.

If you want to know more, look at We have published an article there that deals with the issue (in German).

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