A congress on Industry 4.0. will be held in Munich at 14 to 15 Oct. in Munich (Hotel Kempinski at the airport). It is organized by Markt&Technik.

The principles of Industry 4.0 are already known in the professional world, and many of the techniques exist. The main point of the congress is to bring together the different approaches, because only with an integration of all participating companies, machinery, software and people, the new mode of production can be successfully introduced into the factories.

A second focus is laid on the concrete projects. Although Industry 4.0 right now is still at an early stage, there are already first applications that are used in manufacturing.

More Information

Detailed information on the Congress is available here.
Visit our website to get more information. Alternatively, you can call Mr. Moritz Biersack (089/1891 788 37), or send him an email (moritz.biersack@xinfo.de) – he will get back to you.