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Apple Testflight

Testflight from Apple is a program with which beta testing for iOS applications can be performed. It consists of a service, which provides the functions, and an app on the test device that interacts with the user. Testflight is especially interesting from the perspective of developers, because they get faster feedback. Also for companies, the use of Testflight is an advantage, because what helps in development increases productivity.

Testflight has been used by app developers as an beta test platform since several years. Apple bought the service this year in connection with the acquisition of Burstly, the company that originally developed the platform. Apple has redesigned the program and made it available as an integrated iOS 8 service for both developers and testers.

Certainly you’ve read some of the many news and articles about the new version 8 of Apple’s iOS, which circulated in the past few months in the media. All the new functions and applications where described extensively in these texts. In business, this is important, but equally important are things that home users mostly do not care for. These mainly include data security, a coordinated management of the mobile equipment and the software as well as an accurate measurability of productivity improvement.

Both Google and Apple are entering the smartwatch market: Google with the operating system “Google Wear”, Apple with a custom iOS version and the corresponding hardware. This will be the first serious attempts to establish this new market. Initially, the key application are fitness, social networks and the controlling of apps. But why shouldn’t smartwatches be used also in the industrial sector – similar to phones and tablets?

iGrow is an iOS/Android application that was created by XINFO for Summerrain GmbH (Switzerland).

The application supports individual growth as well as personal performance improvement and aligns it with the achievement of strategic enterprise objectives. This is accomplished by simple exercises that require little time and are performed daily by the staff.

iGROW can be used in companies, associations or societies of any kind that want to realize the full potential of their employees.

Augmented Reality may have great potential – however, the introduction of this new technique has been rather slow so far.

Now Auto-Bild has developed in collaboration with Metaio a new app for iOS/Android, that adds interactive content to its articles. The app responds to code symbols contained in the articles, and launches the associated content.

If you are a reader of Auto-Bild, don’t miss this (free) app.

Auto-Bild is one of the major German car magazines. More information is available at the Auto-Bild website.

For details about augmented reality, see this article.

We are proud to announce that iPairs HD, our first game for the iPad, is almost finished and will be released in just a few weeks. A closed beta-test has started and will give us the last feedback before the game is available in the App Store.

iPairs HD has been developed in collaboration with Concipt! and is a modern interpretation of the well-known pairs card game. In addition to the classic version, we have introduced some new elements, which create a significantly enhanced experience playing this game:

  • jokers create surprising tactical twists
  • play with your family and friends in the amazing multiplayer mode
  • exclusive card themes spread over up to three layers challenge even experienced players
  • a clever artificial intelligence is fun for beginners and pros

With all these features, we are sure that iPairs HD will challenge you!

We would like to give the first five people who send us an email with the topic “iPairsHD beta-test” the exclusive chance to take part in the beta-test. So be quick and write to info(at)!

We will keep you informed if there is something new. You can also sign up for the iPairs HD – newsletter here.