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A congress on Industry 4.0. will be held in Munich at 14 to 15 Oct. in Munich (Hotel Kempinski at the airport). It is organized by Markt&Technik.

The principles of Industry 4.0 are already known in the professional world, and many of the techniques exist. The main point of the congress is to bring together the different approaches, because only with an integration of all participating companies, machinery, software and people, the new mode of production can be successfully introduced into the factories.

A second focus is laid on the concrete projects. Although Industry 4.0 right now is still at an early stage, there are already first applications that are used in manufacturing.

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Detailed information on the Congress is available here.
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The Internet of Things is one of the main trends in 2014, which means that it is also a hot topic for XINFO. This term refers to the fact that more and more objects (things) are network-compatible and connected to the Internet.

Such objects are living creatures or machines (technical objects) that exchange data over a network. Living creatures are, for example, people who use Google Glass or are equipped with a networked pacemaker, or animals on a farm which carry an implanted transponder. An example of networked technical objects are sensors in cars that use GPS information for communicating the most favorable setting for the suspension system almost in real time.

Concerning Big Data, it is completely understandable to be afraid of the actions of intelligence agencies and police. But in reality, the government is not interested in us, at least not as a person. Rather, it is interested in the metadata, i.e. the data about data. And with that, something much more dangerous comes into the focus: the usage of Big Data as a basis for public management.

If you want to know more, look at We have published an article there that deals with the issue (in German).

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth stage of the industrial revolution. With it a phase of reorientation in industrial production processes begins, which once again brings a huge boost in productivity.

XINFO supports the new trend. Especially in the production of automobiles, we have introduced a variety of integrative processes by applying our software programs. This has significantly contributed to the fact that today you can already see the first applications of Industry 4.0 in production. And that’s just the beginning.