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Certainly you’ve read some of the many news and articles about the new version 8 of Apple’s iOS, which circulated in the past few months in the media. All the new functions and applications where described extensively in these texts. In business, this is important, but equally important are things that home users mostly do not care for. These mainly include data security, a coordinated management of the mobile equipment and the software as well as an accurate measurability of productivity improvement.

Sales Butler is a universal application for the iPad that may revolutionize the way your sales people work. It comprises a product catalog that allows to present your products, and takes care of the ordering process. Using the internal database, you are always kept informed about the details about purchase orders, customers and payments.

The application supports the mobility of the iPad. You can enter the data everywhere, for example at the customer’s site or at a trade fair. The connection to the ERP system then provides for the synchronization of the information.

Safety is always ensured, since your data cannot be accessed without a valid login. The integrated rights management makes it possible to assign a selection of products, categories of products or payment terms to specific customer groups. This, for example, allows to construct precisely targeted discounts.

Sales Butler is now available on the App Store and can be tested free of charge: Sales Butler

Augmented Reality may have great potential – however, the introduction of this new technique has been rather slow so far.

Now Auto-Bild has developed in collaboration with Metaio a new app for iOS/Android, that adds interactive content to its articles. The app responds to code symbols contained in the articles, and launches the associated content.

If you are a reader of Auto-Bild, don’t miss this (free) app.

Auto-Bild is one of the major German car magazines. More information is available at the Auto-Bild website.

For details about augmented reality, see this article.

iPairs HD, our first game for the iPad, has recently passed the beta-test. It has been released now and is available in the App Store.

iPairs HD is a modern interpretation of the well-known pairs card game. We have added some new elements to the classic version, which enables a significantly enhanced playing experience. Also, we have created a complete new and modern design.

Since it is our first game, we really hope you like it. But whatever your experience may be, we are very exited to hear your opinion. You can give us feedback in the App Store, using Facebook or the commentary function of this blog.

For more information about iPairs HD, see this blog-article.

We are proud to announce that iPairs HD, our first game for the iPad, is almost finished and will be released in just a few weeks. A closed beta-test has started and will give us the last feedback before the game is available in the App Store.

iPairs HD has been developed in collaboration with Concipt! and is a modern interpretation of the well-known pairs card game. In addition to the classic version, we have introduced some new elements, which create a significantly enhanced experience playing this game:

  • jokers create surprising tactical twists
  • play with your family and friends in the amazing multiplayer mode
  • exclusive card themes spread over up to three layers challenge even experienced players
  • a clever artificial intelligence is fun for beginners and pros

With all these features, we are sure that iPairs HD will challenge you!

We would like to give the first five people who send us an email with the topic “iPairsHD beta-test” the exclusive chance to take part in the beta-test. So be quick and write to info(at)xinfo.de!

We will keep you informed if there is something new. You can also sign up for the iPairs HD – newsletter here.

Article in Tcworld

The october-issue (10/2011) of tcworld has recently been published. We have contributed an article: ‘Augmented Reality in Technical Communication’. Tcworld is one of the leading online magazines for technical communication and information management.

The article comprises the following topics:

  • What is augmented reality?
  • Which role plays augmented reality in technical communication?
    In the next years, there is a high probability that augmented reality will be used more and more as third way (in addition to paper and display) of transmitting technical information.
  • How does the application of augmented reality influence the writing of technical manuals?

You find the article at the tcworld website.

The new Mobile Zeitgeist Special 3/2011 ‘Mobile Unternehmenskommunikation’ has recently been published. We have contributed an article: ‘Tablet Computers in Industrial Applications’.

The article comprises the following topics:

  • usage of smartphones/tablets in the industrial sector
  • how smartphones/tablets may play a more important role in the industrial sector with new hardware developments and the advancement of augmented reality. The application of augmented reality is a crucial factor, because it brings a new quality of information transmission.
  • the example of a customer service management application that is connected to an inventory control system

Mobile Zeitgeist is the leading online magazine on mobile business in German-speaking countries: industry trends, practical business models, innovative applications and news.

You find the Mobile Zeitgeist Special on the Mobile Zeitgeist website.

Currently there are only few applications for smartphones/tablets, that play a role in industrial processes and are actually used in customer service or in production. With the new generations of smartphones/tablets and the advance of new forms of information distribution (e.g., augmented reality), a much wider range of use is possible in industry.

In the following article I use the example of an application for customer service to demonstrate how such a usage might look like.