tablet computer Archive

The new Mobile Zeitgeist Special 3/2011 ‘Mobile Unternehmenskommunikation’ has recently been published. We have contributed an article: ‘Tablet Computers in Industrial Applications’.

The article comprises the following topics:

  • usage of smartphones/tablets in the industrial sector
  • how smartphones/tablets may play a more important role in the industrial sector with new hardware developments and the advancement of augmented reality. The application of augmented reality is a crucial factor, because it brings a new quality of information transmission.
  • the example of a customer service management application that is connected to an inventory control system

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Currently there are only few applications for smartphones/tablets, that play a role in industrial processes and are actually used in customer service or in production. With the new generations of smartphones/tablets and the advance of new forms of information distribution (e.g., augmented reality), a much wider range of use is possible in industry.

In the following article I use the example of an application for customer service to demonstrate how such a usage might look like.